CHRIS-EJIK INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES LIMITED is a leading engineering equipment service company in transformer installation and maintenance.

 As Nigeria’s leading indigenous supplier of Distribution Transformers, we provide our clients with a range of transformers namely:

  • Power Transformers up to 800MVA
  • Autotransformers up to 600MVA
  • Distribution Transformers up to 15MVA
  • Earthing Transformers and Reactors
  • Mobile transformers & Substations

Our Mobile Transformer and Substation solution is ideal for remote, space constrained applications, and locations with adverse environmental conditions.This package provides our clients with the capability to quickly restore electrical service following a scheduled or unscheduled outage. Also, our Mobile stations provide temporary service while permanent facilities are being constructed or maintained. 


Transformer Oil Regeneration

Our Mobile Transformer Oil Regeneration restores used oil to “as new” condition, thus increasing the lifespan of the transformer. Our state of the art system can effectively regenerate used transformer oil without interruption to transformer operation. It achieves this by removing sludge, moisture, particulates, gases, and other contaminants from the oil.